DPR 2016 Recruitment Aptitude Test: Check List Of Those Invited



Please do not be at the center ealier than 30 minutes to the commencemnent of the test for registeration, and endeavour to arrive not later than 15 miunutes before your scheduled test time.
You are to come along with valid identification e.g International Passport, Voters ID-card, National ID-card or Drivers License.(Note:Ordinary photographs or photogrtaphs stamped before being attached to an identification documents are not acceptable).
NOTE: All electronic devices, including Cell phones, USB, Cameras, bags(personal belongings), packages, wallets, key rings etc. are prohibited at the Test centers. Candidates who refuse to comply with this will not be allowed to take the test.
Please do not come to the center with a friend/escort.
Candidates found attempting to cheat/beat the system will be disqualified

General Test Instructions

When you arrive, checks will be conducted for prohibited items at the gate of the test venue and entrance into the test hall.
When you are cleared from the gate, you are required to do a quick biometric registration and candidates are advised to dress presentably as pictures taken during biometric registration will be used later
Candidates will not be reimbursed for transportation to and from venues of the test
Calculators are allowed for this test. You may bring a pencil for rough calculations. A clean sheet of paper will be provided for you
Remember your log on details(Username & Password) which was used for registering into the portal as this credentials will be used to log in to the exam portal.

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