APC spokesperson resigns, calls Oshiomole-led ruling party a cult

The Publicity Secretary of the Imo State chapter of the All
Progressives Congress (APC), Mr. Jones Onwuasoanya has resigned.

Onwuasoanya, who described APC as a cult and not a political party,
accused the National Chairman, Adams Oshiomhole, of destroying the

He said, "The Chairman left no one in doubt that he was not, from the
onset, prepared for the task of serving the interest of members of the
Party and upholding the provisions of its constitution, but to
institute a most dangerous brand of feudalistic idealism and corrupted
form of communism, where the whims of a few override the interest of
the majority."

The statement reads, "After a careful and sober review of events
within our political Party, especially, in the last two months, I have
come to the conscientious conclusion that our party, which before now
was touted as the beacon of integrity, democracy and fairness, has
dangerously veered off from its own Constitution, philosophies and
ideological inspirations.

"Our Party has ceased to, in my own considered opinion, be a political
party, but a cult, where some well-positioned members have formed
themselves into a cabal of capons, with a dangerous end in mind for
our dear country and its fledgeling democracy.

"I am pricked in my conscience anytime I sign off as the state
publicity secretary of this party, remembering that this is a party
that has woefully failed to manage its internal electoral processes in
a manner that may raise hope for our democracy. Conversely, this Party
has exhibited a most reckless rapaciousness against our democracy and
a careless disregard for the sanctity of the ballot.

"I can no longer muster the moral verve to market a political Party,
who has left no one in doubt, that its 2019 electoral plans are wholly
centred on manipulation of the electoral processes and imposition of
unpopular candidates on the people with the full cooperation of the
electoral umpire and maybe, security agencies. I choose to delink
myself from a well-orchestrated plan to institute a most ridiculous
form of incompetent hegemony in Imo State and other parts of Nigeria".

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