2019: Why no Yoruba should vote for Buhari – Shiite

Members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) from the South West
have urged the Yoruba nation to vote against President Muhammadu
Buhari in 2019 for being "shallow minded."

IMN said Buhari should be voted out by the Yoruba ethnic group for
disrespecting the rule of law.

They gave the call when the South West Coordinator of the group,
Muftau Zakariya, led members of the group on a protest to the entrance
of the Presidential Villa, Abuja, yesterday.

IMN members were demanding the release of their leader, Ibraheem El-Zakzaky.

Speaking, Zakariya said: "We came to protest today in Abuja to seek
the release of our leader and convince the government to obey court

"The court has ordered that El-Zakzaky should be released and should
be paid N50 million as damages to him and his wife, because of the
illegal detention he has been subjected to. But today, the government
has refused to obey that order.

"I am especially using this opportunity to talk to my fellow Yoruba
men. No Yoruba man that is freely born should vote for Buhari. Buhari
has killed his own people. Somebody that kills Northerners, Hausas and
the elite; who shot a Muslim scholar, who jailed him and refused to
grant him bail. Let me tell you the equivalent of what Buhari has
done; It's like somebody catching Pastor Adeboye at RCCG, and proceeds
to shoot and jail him. Can anybody expect that there is nobody in
Yorubaland he cannot jail; of course, he can jail anybody.

"If a President can go to the Nigerian Bar Association and tell them
that he will not obey the rule of law where security is concerned, it
shows you how shallow-minded this man is. This is the man that swore
an oath on the Koran , because he is a Muslim to obey the Constitution
of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He still believes that he is a
military dictator and that Nigerians that he rules over are mere
animals and that he can do whatever he likes to us.

"That is why I am using this avenue to appeal to Nigerians. Anybody
that votes for Buhari is voting for somebody that does not believe in
the rule of law. Anybody that votes for Buhari is voting for somebody
that believes that killings should continue in Benue, Zamfara and
other parts of the country.

"Do you think when Yoruba people die, or any other person dies in
Nigeria, he cares? This man does not care; that is why we should just
give him red card to just go back to Daura and start farming."

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