Ekiti: Snatch Ballot Box, Lose Your Hand; Run With It, Lose Your Legs — police

Ekiti election: Fear, anxiety, intrigues as Ekiti elects governor today.
4,390 soldiers; 30,000 policemen deployed
No security for political office holders.
By Rotimi Ojomoyela
Ekiti election: Today, 667,064 eligible voters who have collected their
PVCs out of 913, 334 registered voters are expected to file out
across the 2,195 polling units spread across 177 wards in 16 local
government areas of Ekiti State to elect a governor who would be
saddled with the mandate of running the state for the next four
35 governorship candidates from different political parties are
jostling to occupy the governorship seat.
Adequate security has been assured as no fewer than 4, 390 combined
forces of soldiers and other paramilitary personnel will be deployed to
complement the 30,000 policemen who have been drafted to Ekiti to
monitor the election.
The atmosphere in the Ekiti election week has been charged, anxiety
is beginning to set in, the fear of the unknown is palpable, intrigues,
permutation, alignment and realignment of political friends and foes
are becoming very noticeable. Interest, the determinant factor is
beginning to take the front burner.
No security details for political office holders- Police
Gone were the days when political office holders of different
categories from the governor to the chairman of local government
area would come to the polling booth with their security details.
Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) Operations, Mr. Habilal
Joshak, told the gladiators that all their security details would be
withdrawn from them from the eve of the election till after the
According to the Deputy Inspector of police, who has been put in
charge of the security affairs for the July 14 election, this would add
to the credibility of the Ekiti governorship election.
The police boss said, “We won’t allow anybody to go to the polling
booth with armed men, this is a breach of the Electoral Act.
“We have contacted them and they have to be here before election
commences. This election must not be compromised. They will be
documented and whoever defies this will be sanctioned, because they
have been contacted”, he warned.
“If you cast your votes, you can keep a distance and protect your
votes, but if you snatch the ballot, we will cut off your hands, if you
run with it, we will stop your legs.
“Our duty is to secure not only the electoral materials but also all
the citizens. We are going to be professional and watchful, because
we don’t want to be bedeviled with cases of hooliganism, ballot
snatching and hate speeches before, during and after this election”,
he said.

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