Drama as Buhari’s supporters clash at Abuja rally

A rally for the re-election of President Muhammadu Buhari resulted
into a free-for-all in Abuja on Tuesday.

Supporters of the President clashed over souvenirs.

Hundreds of youths had arrived at the Eagle Square, Federal Capital,
Abuja, which was the venue of the rally.

Things seemed to be going smoothly with music blaring out of huge
speakers when the situation suddenly turned awry.

Trouble started when the souvenirs being distributed by the organisers
did not go round, resulting in a protest by those who felt short

Those who missed out on the souvenirs engaged their counterparts in a
physical combat, which lasted for several minutes.

Punch reports that as the unruly youths hit one another with sticks
and fists, the few dignitaries at the event quickly dashed out of
their seats and left the venue to avoid being caught in the chaos.

A number of the youths later left the square with torn shirts, swollen
faces and bloodied noses

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